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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Epoxy Countertop

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Epoxy CountertopPhoto from Unsplash

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Epoxy Countertop

If you’re in the midst of a kitchen remodel or looking to upgrade your countertops, you’re likely facing the all-important question of what material to use for your new countertops. This decision has lasting consequences for the usability and appearance of your cooking space, and we’re here to put in a good word for an often-overlooked option: epoxy countertops.

While trends in countertop material fluctuate from marble to quartz to granite to whatever else is new and expensive, epoxy countertops are a durable, affordable alternative that shouldn’t be dismissed.

In this post, we’ve compiled a few compelling reasons why you should consider an epoxy countertop during your next kitchen renovation and a few tips to get the most out of epoxy counters.

1. Epoxy Countertops Are Highly Durable

Before we get into the aesthetic upsides of epoxy countertops, we’ll break down some of the reasons why epoxy is so popular, starting with its durability. While quartz and granite countertops can last a long time if they’re stringently maintained, epoxy counters can last for over a decade with much less maintenance. You won’t need expensive cleaning products to buff out superficial issues, nor will you need to stress about the types of materials placed on the counter.

Here are some of the reasons why epoxy countertops are so uniquely durable:

Moisture Resistance

A significant component of epoxy countertops’ durability is their resistance to spills and splashes. After the epoxy is poured, it’s tightly sealed and becomes non-porous, protecting you against moisture damage. This is particularly useful when you have kids running around or are hosting guests in your kitchen. A briefly unnoticed spillage won’t be catastrophic or compromise the integrity of the countertop.

Heat Resistance

Many countertops are heat resistant to a certain level. However, heat-resistant epoxy resin has been shown to withstand heat over 500° F, a marked improvement from concrete and wood countertops. Having heat-resistant countertops in your kitchen means more flexibility in where you place hot items and can save you from having to repair your countertop in the long run.

Bacteria and Mold Resistance

Unless you thoroughly clean a non-epoxy countertop every time you use it, loose food particles and liquid can easily cause bacteria and mold buildup. Since epoxy countertops are non-porous, they don’t absorb the particles that, over time, lead to the formation of bacteria. This significantly boosts the durability of your countertops and ensures a safe and sanitary prep and cooking space.

2. Epoxy Countertops Are Easy to Clean

Unlike concrete and some quartz countertops, epoxy counters are easy to clean and rarely require harmful chemicals. Now, we’re not claiming that epoxy countertops can’t be stained—as far as we know, no existing countertop material is impossible to stain. However, epoxy counters can usually be cleaned with warm water, a clean cloth, and some elbow grease. This is massively beneficial because using harsh chemicals to clean countertops dulls the finish over time and can be potentially harmful to your household.

3. Epoxy Countertops Are Seriously Affordable

Epoxy countertops are very popular due to their cost-effectiveness. Unlike granite or marble countertops, which can be highly expensive or require long wait times due to material backlogs, epoxy countertops are more readily available because the resins are mixed and hardened based on need and demand. These materials can be produced relatively quickly, and even custom-ordered epoxy countertops are unlikely to hurt your remodeling budget.

4. Epoxy Countertops Have Versatile Surface Applications

Part of the appeal of epoxy countertops is their versatility. Epoxy can be applied over laminate, metal, concrete, or wood countertops, to name a few, transforming outdated or damaged countertops into elegant kitchen features. An epoxy countertop can therefore save you from having to completely tear out and replace large areas of your kitchen—another way this material is one of the most affordable options.

5. Epoxy Counters Are Beautiful and Customizable

Another fantastic reason to consider investing in an epoxy countertop is that they’re highly customizable and can bring an element of design and artistry into your kitchen. Since epoxy isn’t a raw material but a synthetic mix of resin that is hardened, there is the possibility of creating custom designs. While custom epoxy will cost quite a bit more than most standard mixes, this opens the door to the possibility of highly unique and elegant designs.

Bonus: How to Boost the Longevity of Epoxy Countertops

We hope we’ve convinced you of some of the benefits of epoxy countertops, and we want to offer some advice on how to get the most value from them. If you’re looking for an epoxy countertop or already have one, here are a few tips for prolonging its longevity:

Leave the Installation to the Professionals!

There are many videos and blogs on the Internet with tips for DIY epoxy pouring—and they often make it look easy. We can’t stress this enough: please leave epoxy countertop construction to the professionals! Applying epoxy to your kitchen can be catastrophic if done incorrectly. So why take the risk when it’s affordable and will last up to a decade with a professional installation?

Keep Your Countertops Clean

Despite epoxy countertops being non-porous surfaces with moisture-resistant features, the cleaner you keep your counter, the longer it will last. This may seem self-evident, but it’s still worth pointing out, especially to new owners of epoxy countertops. Given how much cheaper these surfaces tend to be than other countertops, this tip will give you even more value for your investment.

Next Steps

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