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5 Pool Fencing Ideas That Offer Ultimate Privacy

5 Pool Fencing Ideas That Offer Ultimate PrivacyPhoto from Pexels

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There are 130 million homes in the US and it’s estimated that 8% have a swimming pool. This comes to around 10.7 million residential swimming pools in the US.

Pools are considered to be very desirable in the US for families. One issue that many have is finding a way to maintain privacy when enjoying a backyard pool.

That is where pool fencing ideas come in handy. This can be especially important if you have an exposed backyard with a little separating you from your neighbors.

Keep reading to find out more pool fencing ideas you can utilize.

1. Wood Fence

One of the most common options for fences is wood materials. A wood fence creates a traditional look and provides a great deal of privacy for your backyard.

Cedar fencing is especially popular since it does not need to be treated with chemicals. This makes cedar fencing a better option for homes with children or pets.

Wood fencing is also considered to be one of the strongest options you can choose. It provides safety and privacy if you worry about someone trying to enter your backyard.

The only downside to wood is that it is not cheap and may not have a long lifespan. It’s a natural material that is susceptible to the elements and will wear down over time.

2. Vinyl Fence

If you are looking into different fence materials, you should consider vinyl fencing. This is an option that creates a white picket fence look that is very traditional for homes.

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles, depending on the design of your home. There are also different colors that you can choose from if you don’t want white.

This is a huge benefit since you will not need to paint vinyl fencing the color you want. It is also very hearty and will not wear down as quickly as wood.

It has a hard and protected exterior that is easy to keep clean and looks like new. It is also a popular option for security since you can choose a tall vinyl fence.

Depending on the style of vinyl fence, you can get almost 100% privacy. The investment is also considered to be more worthwhile than less durable materials.

3. Trex Fencing

Another one of these pool fencing ideas is Trex fencing. This is a fence made from synthetic materials that are extremely durable.

You have the option of painting or staining Trex depending on the look you want. It is also an environmentally friendly option because it is made from recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood.

It has a very natural appearance that most people would suspect as wood. This can give you that traditional wood fence looks without any of the downsides.

It is able to offer almost 100% fence privacy and has a long lifespan no matter the climate. When it comes to the cost of pool fences, this is a great investment.

4. Chain Link Fencing

One type of fencing to consider is chain-link fencing. Many people do not like the appearance of this fencing, but it has a lot of positive qualities.

Chain-link fencing is very durable and offers pool fence safety. It doesn’t require any maintenance and is a very affordable option when compared to other fencing materials.

You also have the option of choosing different mesh sizes and wire gauges. Chain-link fencing can be found in different colors if it has a polymer coating.

On its own, chain-link fencing doesn’t offer any privacy. It is more of a security fence that is often used for commercial projects or buildings.

You can change this by purchasing chain link privacy slats that fit in between the mesh. There are bamboo rolls you can attach to create a covering over the mesh for privacy.

These are just a few options since there are many ways to turn a chain-link fence into a privacy fence. This can be an economical option if you have a tight budget for this project.

5. Round Rail Fencing

Looking for the best pool fencing ideas? Look no further than a round rail fence for your backyard pool.

Round rail fencing is a very durable option that provides a ranch-style appearance. The structure of the fence includes wood poles with chain-link fencing attached.

It is a long-lasting fencing option that is great for homes with a rustic style. The downside is that it does not provide much privacy from the chain-link fencing.

You can counteract this by using different chain link privacy materials. These can often be woven through the chain link or attached to the fence itself.

Cost of Pool Fences

A factor that will impact your decision on a fence will be the cost. Adding a privacy fence to your backyard is not a small project.

Pool fencing cost can vary based on the type of material used, the height of the fence, the linear feet of the fence installation, any applicable fence removal, and other fence features installed such as gate and access controls.

Your location can also raise or lower the price of fencing materials. It depends on what is popular and most widely available in your area.

These are all rough estimates and may not indicate how much your budget should be. This is why we offer to come out to give you a quote or you can use our easy, online fence pricing tool to get an instant quote.

This is very important if you are trying to stick within a budget when installing pool fences.

Other Pool Privacy Ideas

If you want more privacy for your pool, there are other options to consider. There are many pool fencing ideas, but they may not be suitable for your home.

You may not need a fence if you only have a small backyard pool. You may also have privacy already aside from a specific area in your backyard.

Here are some other options if you do not need an entire fence for better pool privacy.

Privacy Screen

If you want privacy for your pool, a privacy screen is a great option. This is a screen that can be made of different types of materials, the most common being wood.

This is just a simple screen structure that is installed in the ground. It creates a kind of wall that blocks off an exposed area of your backyard.

You can often hire companies to build this for you or you can build it yourself. It is considered to be a very affordable option if you only need a small section of privacy.

Decorative Wall

If you want privacy for your backyard pool, a decorative wall is a great option. This type of wall can be constructed from a variety of materials depending on the look you want.

Some people are able to achieve this with stones for a rustic look. Some people even create a wall where plants can grow for a more natural look.

Any kind of decorative wall will act like a privacy screen as long as it is dense enough.


If you want a beautiful landscape and privacy, you can plant a hedge. A hedge is a long structure usually grown from multiple bushes that start to intertwine.

Depending on the type of hedge you plant, this can be very dense and tall. A hedge is a beautiful backyard element that adds eye appeal and more privacy.

A hedge can often act like a fence by keeping children and pets in the yard and strangers out.

Tree Barrier

Another botanical option for privacy is to have a tree barrier. You can achieve this by planting a variety of tree species to create a kind of fence.

The most effective option is to choose trees that grow tall and thin, planting them close together. But most trees will work for privacy if you plant them close enough.

The downside to this option is that it can be very expensive to plant trees. It also takes time to grow them, and it can be significantly more expensive if you buy them fully grown.

Pool Fencing Ideas for Privacy

Do you want more privacy for your pool? If so, you should look at these different pool fencing ideas.

Many backyards can feel exposed, especially if you have a backyard pool. If you spend a lot of time in your pool or have small children, you most likely want to have more privacy.

Do you want to start the process of installing pool fences for your home? Contact us today at RADIUS Fence for fence material options and the latest styles.

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