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Parents will enjoy world-class instruction and improved academic performance from next-gen K-12 education”— Lawrence AllenPLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 / -- The reign of the American public-school monopoly is over. The stampede away from public schools in favor of home school and private school alternatives is well underway. Whereas 90% of American K-12 students once attended public schools, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) reports that only 76% attend today. Late last year, the Dallas Morning News reported that a quarter million Texas K-12 students left public schools in 2020. Arizona lost 50,000 according to the FEE; Miami-Dade county in Florida lost 16,000. And this story is being repeated in cities and states across the country. With American public schools having delivered students who score 36th in math, 17th in science, and 12th in reading on worldwide tests (see inset), this flight from public schools should have come much sooner.

Home schooling has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the public-school exodus, receiving a large share of the students. The Federalist reports that home schooling increased as much as 700% in some states. The Census Bureau reports that 2020 began with 3.3% of the student population being home schooled; 11.1% were being home schooled by the beginning of 2021.

Many new-to-home-schooling parents are discovering the joy of teaching their elementary school students phonics, cursive, and reading. But for parents with junior high and high school students, will they delight as much in re-learning algebra and chemistry well enough to teach it? Do they have time to spend an average of 4-plus hours per day learning the material, preparing lessons, and teaching?

While there are exceptions, even veteran home school parents find teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes increasingly difficult and demanding as their students advance in grades. It is no coincidence then, that many parents who find private school unaffordable reluctantly send their students back to public school for their final years of high school.

Whether new to home schooling or overwhelmed by the prospect of “going back to school” in order to teach, there are affordable STEM teaching solutions that can keep students at home while maintaining parents’ sanity. Singapore Academy USA℠ offers just such an innovative solution.

The Singapore school system delivers #1 student scores across the board in standardized global testing on STEM subjects. Singapore Academy USA℠ is making live daily instruction from top Singapore teachers available to American home-schooling families. Singapore Academy USA℠ provides the entire school year’s curriculum plan and live instruction for a complete range of STEM subjects including math, science, and general STEM. Classes are available à la carte, where parents can choose a single subject or bundle classes (2 classes or all 3). The always live, remote, and interactive classes are held between 8 AM and 11 AM US Central time. That means by 11 AM, students have completed their STEM courses for the day and are free to receive instruction in other subjects.

In this era of unprecedented advancement in public school alternatives and remote-learning technology, it only makes sense that providers emerge who are capable of immediately teaching entire subject categories to compliment parents’ home school plans. The advantages are clear: American students can receive the world’s best STEM curriculum and live instruction from professional teachers in the comfort and safety of their own homes for a fraction of the cost of private school. Parents will enjoy world-class instruction and improved academic performance from our next-gen K-12 education. Contact us and learn how your children can improve their STEM scores by visiting: or call Lawrence Allen at +1 214 937 1846

Singapore Academy USA℠ is an academically focused curriculum and live instruction provider for middle school and high school student families who seek high performance in standardized testing. They help students reach the top of their class their final years of high school and ultimately achieve top university placement. Contact: Lawrence Allen at:

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