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Kennected CEO Speaks out On The Future of Leadership With Remote Workforce

Indianapolis, Indiana -

CEO of Kennected, Devin Johnson has created a company culture that prioritizes the well-being and success of its employees. Servant leadership is one of the leadership styles that is gaining popularity in today's business world, it is characterized by putting the needs of the team members first and working for their growth and development. However, it's important to note that different organizations and leaders use many other leadership styles.

Autocratic leadership is where the leader makes all the decisions and has high control over the team. Transformational leadership is where the leader inspires and motivates their team to achieve a common goal. Laissez-faire leadership is where the leader takes a hands-off approach and allows the team to make their own decisions—democratic leadership is where the leader encourages participation and input from the team in decision-making.

Leadership is an ongoing process as leaders who truly want to innovate have to learn new ways to lead and improve their skillset. One of the most challenging aspects of leadership in today's work environment is leading those that are remote workers. As a remote workforce, those people not in the office, do not have the ability to participate in corporate "culture" as much as those that are in the office and can experience the lunches, the after-work parties etc.

So the founders of Kennected have posed the question, how does a company build a positive and fun culture with remote team members, and they responded with this, "Kennected is a large family. We care about all our team members, and we want the best for them. Some of our staff are able to work remotely and for those people, our leaders make sure to spend time on a weekly basis talking to those people typically over Facetime or Zoom where we can see their faces, and get caught up on them as a person. Typical water cooler talks, but that is often missed when someone works remotely."

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