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Pasadena Tree Services Conducts Criminal Background Checks on Newly Hired Employees

Pasadena, California – A company that has always taken homeowners’ safety as a priority, Pasadena Tree Services, announced earlier today that it had conducted a background criminal check on the employees that joined the company recently.

"Pasadena Tree Services believes that a company’s responsibility goes deeper than just offering services or goods," said the CEO. "Since Pasadena Tree Services' line of duty involves sending employees to homeowners' homes, the extra duties that fall on the company, therefore, include making sure that the homeowner is in safe hands while the employee is at his home. How can you be sure they are safe when you don’t know whomever you are sending well?"

"To avoid putting homeowner’s lives and properties at risk," added the CEO, "Pasadena Tree Services introduced a program that checks on the employees’ backgrounds to make sure they are not on other missions other than helping homeowners improve their trees. This entails the company working closely with the DCIs to determine whether the employee has ever been involved in a murder, theft, fraud, or rape case, or is a friend of someone who has been involved in such and other crimes. The last team to pass through this was the 20 newly recruited employees, and they passed the check."

To understand better what Pasadena Tree Services has been up to, view this story:

"If Pasadena Tree Services fails to do this," the CEO warned, "the company may have to deal with cases later where an employee went and killed, stole, or even conned a homeowner. This is not something new, it has happened before to homeowners. In fact, Pasadena Tree Services has received several clients who switched from their previous tree care companies after their employees stole from them.”

The CEO revealed that the test is carried out twice a year. He also added that Pasadena Tree Services takes good care of its employees to make sure that poverty does not make them commit crimes.

"People change," said the CEO. "You might be surprised to find that the innocent person you added to your team has changed for worse a year later. For this reason, the criminal check for the employees does not end after they join the company. It takes place at least once every six months to ensure that the company is dealing with the same person it recruited."

"There has never been a case where the company convicted someone after they joined the company," confirmed the CEO, "but it's still a good process for assurance."

"The major reason why people engage in crime is for money," added the CEO. "To make sure the employees are always well loaded with money, Pasadena Tree Services gives them good salaries, among other gifts, at the end of the month."

The CEO urged other companies to also carry out criminal background checks on their employees.

"Customers’ safety deserves to be protected at all costs," said the CEO. "It, therefore, would be a good idea if other companies adopted a program of taking their employees through criminal checks."

He finally urged homeowners in Pasadena and its suburbs to continue making their bookings with Pasadena Tree Services.

"For the longest time," said the CEO, "Pasadena Tree Services has been working so hard to bring the good environment that was there in the 1920s back. This will be possible if only homeowners place their tree care orders with the company. The company will, in return, give them the best and safest tree care services."

Pasadena Tree Services can be found at 624 West Howard Street, Pasadena, CA 91103. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 626-790-1414 or


For more information about Pasadena Tree Services, contact the company here:

Pasadena Tree Services
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