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Best Gold IRA Company for 2023

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Your financial future lies with whatever you do with your money now. The best way to your financial future is to invest your hard-earned money in an investment with sweet retirement benefits. A Gold IRA is considered one of the best ways if you're still wondering where to put your money.

Due to the aftermath of Covid-19 and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the world is experiencing Inflation and recession, and the United States is no exception. However, according to investors who have had breakthroughs through multiple investments, this is the best time to invest in a Gold IRA. Because gold is one of the best preforming assets in times of inflation.

But you may be uncertain about the Gold IRA Company to choose, the best way is to check Gold IRA reviews. A well-reviewed company has its customers first when making decisions. As a result, their customers are comfortable and pleased with their structures, policies, and treatment. Reviews could be a credible source for any company's pros and cons. Who else can tell you better than someone who has the experience and has worked with such companies?

Factors such as openness, customer care, and looking into gold IRA reviews, and many more have been considered to bring out the best Gold IRA companies, and Augusta Precious Metals was found to be the best Gold IRA Company fulfilling all its customer's needs in all aspects.

AUGUSTA Precious Metals; The Best Gold IRA Company

Augusta Precious Metals - Money Magazine "best overall" Gold IRA Company

Joe Montana was one of the people who endorsed Augusta Precious Metals. Being a multimillionaire and a hall of Fame quarterback, Mr. Montana was looking for a safe company to invest in to diversify his savings. Later, he reached out to his financial team to assist him in getting one. After much search, they settled for Augusta Precious Metals, which was the most reliable.

He attended a free one-on-one web conference with the company to acquire more knowledge about the company and gold IRAs. Mr. Montana found the company to be convincing. The one-on-one web conference was organized by an economist who graduated from Harvard and is also an employee of Augusta Precious Metals. In the web conference, he taught and convinced customers why they needed to buy gold, gold IRA fees, process, the economy, and Inflation.

Mr. Montana got convinced of the company's mission of enlightening customers and empowering Americans after attending the conference. As a result, he patronized them and became their brand ambassador.

Their mission does not only depend on the conference; they also improvise more ways to prevent their customers from falling into the hands of scammers, tricks, and pressure mounted on customers by unreliable companies. They provide some materials like videos on the wrong reasons to buy gold, and gold IRA lies to assist their customers on what to look out for.

When you become a Customer with Augusta Precious Metals, that doesn't mean they'll leave you to figure things out yourself. They don't use pressure to convince their customers to purchase from them. Instead, they provide as reliable information as possible to their customers so they can make wise decisions.

The company's assistance remains excellent from the beginning till the end. Also, the company makes the IRA rollover process faster and easier. Almost all paperwork work is done together with the customers to be sure that everything is in place. Their assistance continues even when the process is over, as they provide lifetime assistance to their customers. Even after your purchase, they'll also work with you to assist you in managing your gold IRA account.

If you're looking for expertise, integrity, and excellent reviews, then Augusta precious metals suit all these aspects. (Money magazine) recognized Augusta Precious Metals as its recommendation for best gold IRA company in 2022 overall in a field of seven top gold IRA companies chosen by the publication after evaluating more than a dozen U.S. gold IRA companies.

Every customer likes to be respected by their service providers. Augusta has a reputation for respecting customers and putting them first. The reviews on the company show all these qualities. So, when looking for the best Gold IRA Company, Augusta should be at the top of the list.

Augusta Precious Metals (Ask for a Free Gold IRA Investing Kit)

Money Magazine "best overall" Gold IRA Company ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What Augusta Precious Metals Offers.

  • You can directly buy gold and silver.
  • You can get access to professional help at any time.
  • You can store your gold in an IRS-approved depository and be rest assured it is safe.
  • They also offer precious metals for individual accounts as approved by the US.

Augusta Precious Metals Is The Best Option For You If:

  • You have $50,000 or more you want to invest or rollover.
  • You are confused about investment and want a comprehensive guide.

Augusta's Best Points:

  • The firm has been endorsed by high-profile clients such as Mr. Montana.
  • They have the highest rating with BBA and BCA.
  • They have thousands of five-star ratings.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • High focus on educating customers to protect them from scammers and maneuvers.
  • A+ gold IRA reviews.
  • Free One-on-one web conference with Harvard-trained economists.

Augusta Precious Metals Company Details:

Augusta Precious Metals Phone Number: (844) 917-2904

Augusta Precious Metals Website:

Unique, free one-on-one educational web conference designed by Augusta’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist (A must attend)

Free informative Precious Metals IRA Guide from Augusta

Gold IRA Reviews

Better Business Bureau

A+ Rating

  • 4.97 Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 100 reviews


5 Star Avrage

  • Perfect Score
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Based on 278 reviews

Google My Business

4.9 Rating

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Based on 221 reviews

Business Consumer Alliance

AAA Rating

  • AAA Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 85 reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Better Business Bureau

Augusta has earned an outstanding rating of A+ from BBB. The organization gives its rating based on points ranging from zero to a hundred. If there's any reduction in points from the BBB rating, it is believed that the company is unreliable.

For Augusta Precious Metals to score A+, it has a score between ninety-seven and hundred. And to BBB, Augusta is the most reliable IRA providing firm. In addition, Augusta has been in the business for quite a long time — long enough to earn its excellent rating. All these records are enough to convince you that you can work with them without any problem.

Based on customer reviews, Augusta Precious Metals scored 4.94 stars out of 5, which is remarkable.

Augusta Precious Metals Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has also identified Augusta precious metals as the gold IRA firm with the highest rating. The firm has an AAA rating making it more incredible and reliable. Earning this kind of rating means there's no doubt about the company's reliability.

The rating in BCA is quite similar to that of the BBA. They make their rating based on government action, complaints against the company, and client reviews. So, according to BCA, an Augusta precious metal has an excellent tracking record.

With 92 out of 94, the customers also have excellent reviews giving it a perfect five stars. For customers to provide such review for Augusta shows they care a lot about its customers. The firm doesn't hesitate to respond to reviews and is also active on the BCA's website.

Augusta Precious Metals Trustlink

You can easily use TrustLink to check the reputation of a company. It's another website where Augusta Precious Metals has made a credible impression. Undoubtedly, it earned five stars rating from the website.

Their rating is also based on customer reviews. For Augusta precious metals to get five-star reviews from customers on the TrustLink website made it incredibly outstanding among others. So even though the firm receives a few lower ratings, it's still rounded to five.

And to crown it all, Augusta precious metals have received the "Best of TrustLink" award for the past six consecutive years. All these ratings are not just mere coincidence or luck; the firm has consistently earned its integrity and becomes an expert in what they do, as its customers can justly testify.

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA Review

From all the reviews on each website mentioned earlier, customers have almost the same considerations. Compared to many other gold IRA reviews, they appear to be similar.

Among all the positive reviews Augusta Precious Metals has gained, the one-on-one web conference takes the heart of most of its customers. This is because you will get all the concrete and comprehensive material on the economy, high-pressure tactics some companies use, and the gold IRA. The web conference has been seen as outstanding by customers among all other services they render.

This same conference is the one that caught the attention of the multimillionaire Mr. Montana. The review he dropped regarding the company can be seen on TrustLink.

The firm's account-lifetime support has been a big selling point since Mr. Montana reviewed it. Augusta Precious Metals keeps in touch with its customers even after selling IRAs to them. They ensure they take care of you long-term and educate you as their customers.

Advantages of Augusta Precious Metals

  • They lay more emphasis on educating customers.
  • Their team is always ready to serve customers.
  • All-around positive reviews.
  • They have low, competitive fees.
  • Their on-staff is Harvard-trained economists.
  • They assist their customers with any IRA-related issue.

Disadvantages of Augusta Precious Metals

  • They increase the price of coins with high quality
  • The minimum amount you can invest is $50 000.

Unique Selling Point of Augusta Precious Metals Offer

From research, many gold IRA companies are not differentiable. Since the future isn't sure, you'll want to invest in a reliable firm.

Augusta Precious Metals offer three unique selling points that show their reliability.

1. Lifetime Support

Becoming an Augusta Precious Metals customer means you'll have a team of gold experts with you from whom you can seek help anytime.

You will have a personal agent who can answer all your questions. In addition, other professionals are there to assist you with the following:

  • How you can invest gold in your IRA.
  • Creating a legacy for your loved ones
  • How to sell your gold and earn a significant amount of money.
  • Help you knows more about gold and its current market value.
  • To make good decisions on investment concerning your retirement benefits.

2. They Prioritize Educating Their Potential Clients

Augusta Precious Metals ensures to educate its customers to make purchases based on the right reason. They listen to you to understand your goals and objectives to help you with the correct information to make the best decision.

3. They satisfy their customers

Almost, if not all, the Augusta precious metals reviews are positive.

Thousands of clients have recommended the firm as the best Gold IRA Company, including the millionaire quarterback Mr. Montana since that is what he also uses.

  • They have five stars reviews on the TrustLink website from over 280 customers.
  • Five stars review from BCA with AAA rating from 90+ customers
  • A+ rating from BBB with a perfect score of 4.96 out of 5 from 100+ reviews.
  • An average score of 4.9 stars on Google.

Minimum, Pricing And Fees Of Augusta Precious Metals

The minimum amount you can invest in Augusta Precious Metals is $50,000, unlike all other gold IRA companies that operate with fewer amounts. You'll pay specific fees like;

  • $50 000 as a one-time set-up fee.
  • $100 as an annual custodial fee.
  • $100 as a yearly fee to keep your account at the bank.

You'll have to pay $250 in the first year. Then it comes down to $200 per year subsequently. Management fees, shipping, and insurance services are all covered with the above amount.

What Augusta Precious Metals Can Do for you

Augusta Precious Metals offers other products and services, which include;

  • Making sure your precious metals are stored safely.
  • All the coins saved in IRA accounts are made of IRS APPROVED silver and gold.
  • The gold buy-back program offers a valuable price for your old gold jewelry.

Including Physical Silver And Gold To Your IRA Account

Clients with $50,000 to invest in gold and silver IRAs as part of their retirement benefits also get certain tax benefits.

The company has chosen Equity Trust as its custodian. Augusta is an intermediary between you and Equity Trust, even though you can still contact them directly and have a complete claim concerning your investment. With 45+ years of experience in business, Equity Trust is a self-directed IRA provider with $34 billion in assets that render service to clients across America.

Delaware Depository is a company that follows all the IRS regulations where all your gold and silver are stored. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and intercontinental exchange are used to tell you how reliable this company is.

Lloyd's of London was insured for gold for almost $1 billion to ensure that it gets beyond just physical security.

Augusta's physical gold and silver IRA are a favorable comparison to its competitors, allowing you to invest in IRA-eligible gold and silver.

Your IRA account can only invest in a specific type of bullion and coins that meet the IRA's requirements.

Augusta's Precious Metals bullion and coin list include:

  • Canadian Maple Leaves

  • American Silver Eagles

  • Gold American Buffalo

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaves

  • American Gold Eagle Proofs

  • Canadian Silver Eagles

  • Gold Australian Striped Marlin

  • Gold Canadian Eagles

You can reach out to Augusta Precious Metals for their current price list.

Augusta Precious Metals Phone Number: (844) 917-2904

Augusta Precious Metals Website:

Unique, free one-on-one educational web conference designed by Augusta’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist (A must attend)

Free informative Precious Metals IRA Guide from Augusta

Augusta Gold IRA Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals has been a great company to work with -- Joe Montana ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve been working with Augusta Precious Metals – not only as a paid brand ambassador, but also as a satisfied customer. Last year, I had my financial team search for ways to diversify my retirement portfolio because my number one priority after retiring from football has been making sure that the future generations of my family will be financially secure, and that’s when purchasing physical gold and silver came into play. I then asked them to find the best precious metals companies in the nation - they did the research, made their choice, and introduced me to Augusta Precious Metals. Ever since then, Augusta has been great to work with. I want to applaud their team approach. In particular, I want to commend the IRA Processing Department for their professionalism and efficiency - also, the Economic Analytics team. I spent time with them via an amazing, informative web conference, and they continue to educate me about the economy and markets in general so I know the factors that can affect my savings and the different types of precious metals. Augusta’s fair coin pricing and lifetime customer support are also really important to me. Throughout my career, I’ve always recognized the importance of having a great team around me, and having Augusta Precious Metals on my team has made me feel good about my decision to add precious metals to my retirement portfolio.

Patricia S ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I recently worked with Agusta Precious Metals to invest my self directed IRA into gold/silver. Every step of the process was explained fully and in a way to make sure I could understand. They made it very easy to complete the process from beginning to end. I can tell that each person had a passion *** their job and wanted to truly assist and answer every question. In financial dealings, it is refreshing to feel like you are valued and that they are sincere in helping you.

Precious Metals IRA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I just completed the Augusta’s unique Gold & Silver Web Conference and 1:1 session to learn more about a precious metals self-directed IRA. Great information and I especially liked the 1:1 opportunity to ask my questions and learn more. Thank you!

Don Z - Best Gold IRA Company in the Industry ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I am all-in with this great company! From first reading their rating by Money Magazine as best in the business, and after already been turned off by two other celebrity endorsed Gold IRA companies who applied immediate pressure and pushiness, I was instantly trustful and engaged by the superb team at Augusta. This started with one on one education by videoconference to their superb Harvard-trained educator Devlyn Steele, who anticipated and answered everything I needed to know before I could even ask it, concierge treatment by their liason Lauran DeWinter, and account logistics made easy by Jasmine there who patiently smoothed the path of setting up my account. Proceed with no fear. Don Z

Knowledgeable & professional ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was recommended Augusta by a friend. I was interested in learning more about a precious metals IRA. They set up a zoom meeting and I was provided with a very detailed presentation. Afterwards they answered all of my questions. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. The individuals I have corresponded with have been very professional.

Arlene E ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Had a wonderful phone call with Mr. Devlyn Steele on the webinar presentation. He explained the current market in regard to gold/silver and has an extensive background in Analytics. He kindly took questions and answers (I had a list) and helped me understand more particulars. Lauran de Winter did a great job in helping prep for the call and follow-up. They focused on pressure, no deadlines, no "sense of urgency". They want the gold investment decision to be well thought out by the customer. Very happy with the information I received.

What Is A Gold IRA?

Gold IRA is not different from other precious metals IRA like silver, platinum, or palladium. It is an essential financial tool that helps you save and protects your retirement plan. While saving money for retirement, you'll also benefit from tax benefits. Though all these depend on the type of IRA, you choose. One important thing about the regular IRA you might get through your employer is that it deals with physical gold. This is quite different from a retirement savings vehicle which deals with paper assets.

After selecting the best Gold IRA Company that suits your demand, the next thing is to choose the kind of IRA you want it to be

Precious metals IRAs also differ from an average IRA since they need a custodian. The work of these custodians is to deal with assets that are not available to all organizations.

Why You Should Get A Gold IRA

  • To reduce the risk of Inflation.
  • Gold is a physical asset.
  • Gold IRA combines both the physical asset and IRA.
  • Can help you beat stagflation

Features Of The Best IRA Companies

  • Integrity and transparency
  • Positive gold IRA reviews
  • Having experience with other Gold IRAs.

See also: What is a Gold IRA & 2 Best Gold IRA Companies Reviewed


Augusta Precious Metals is a reliable firm to entrust your gold and silver. The reviews from customers who have patronized them are positive, with a five stars rating. They are flawless in their dealings, unlike many popular precious metals IRAs, because they provide you with needed information and also give you follow-up. Best Gold IRA Company for 2023.

Augusta free educational Gold IRA Guide:

Unique, free one-on-one educational web conference designed by Augusta’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist (A must attend)

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+1 228-818-1321

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