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Camelot Portfolios Announces Cash Alternatives and Hedging Strategies

MAUMEE, Ohio, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Camelot Portfolios today announces an expanded lineup of cash alternatives and hedging strategies to help Investment Advisors serve clients seeking higher rates of interest on their cash & those seeking to reduce risk on their equity investments in light of recent & future economic developments.

The new Camelot Cash SMA (Separately Managed Account) strategy utilizes money market funds or short-term treasury ETFs to generate interest at competitive market rates while seeking to maintain a stable market value. Camelot also offers Advisors a number of custom cash options utilizing an extensive lineup of short-term bond funds, ETFs, or individual Treasury securities for high net-worth clients.

Camelot also provides a lineup of equity hedging strategies that seek to reduce risk in an equity portfolio, both in model-based or custom SMAs. These strategies typically utilize options in various forms to provide protection on 5-100% of a position or portfolio against downside risk.

“From covered-calls and cash-secured puts to defined-outcome strategies & collars, Camelot has tools and experience to help advisors serve their clients and help protect them from the many of the risks in the markets,” said Darren Munn, CFA, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer.

Camelot’s lineup includes alternative strategies designed to have low correlation to the equity markets. “We believe we have one of the best Event-Driven investing teams in the country,” added Munn. “Thomas Kirchner and Paul Hoffmeister have an impressive track record as Portfolio Managers in the Event-Driven space and have outperformed even the largest funds in that category.”

“We are proud to provide an award-winning alternative strategy in these challenging times and believe Event-Driven strategies are not the exclusive purview of hedge funds,” said Thomas Kirchner, CFA, Portfolio Manager.

“The benefit of Event-Driven investment strategies can include lower correlation and lower downside capture relative to the S&P 500, while still seeking to generate attractive capital appreciation. This combination sets this asset class apart from other liquid alternatives and appeals to many different investor need in the current economic environment,” added Paul Hoffmeister, Chief Economist & Portfolio Manager.

Press Contact

Advisor Relations: Frank Echelmeyer, 419-794-0538

About Camelot Portfolios

Camelot Portfolios serves as an outsourced CIO for Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives. Camelot offers a lineup of SMA strategies from conservative fixed-income to aggressive equity, allowing IAs to build portfolios specifically tailored for each client.

Camelot believes our role is to support advisors by helping them differentiate their practice and deliver value to their clients through strategically designed investment strategies.

Definitions & Disclosures

Correlation is a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other as measured by the correlation coefficient, a statistic that ranges in value from -1 to +1, indicating a perfect negative correlation at -1, absence of correlation at zero, and perfect positive correlation at +1.
Downside capture is a measure of how well a manager was able to replicate or improve on phases of positive benchmark returns, and how badly the manager was affected by phases of negative benchmark returns.

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