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Industry Elite Features Bryan Winquist in Insightful Interview on Success and Sustainability

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Bryan Winquist, a highly regarded environmental health and safety manager at Tyson Foods and a passionate sustainable farmer, was recently featured in an enlightening interview on Industry Elites. The discussion, titled "What Does Success Look Like To You?", dives deep into Bryan's career trajectory from emergency services to leading safety and sustainability initiatives in a corporate environment.

During the interview, Bryan shared insights into his seamless transition from a firefighter and paramedic to an environmental health and safety manager, a role where he applies his acute understanding of safety protocols to prevent workplace hazards and enhance employee wellbeing at Tyson Foods. His journey underscores a natural progression from responding to crises to preemptively addressing potential safety and environmental issues.

Bryan also discussed his dual role as a farmer at Nubian Meadows Farm, where he practices sustainable agriculture. This endeavor not only satisfies his connection to the land but also serves as a living laboratory for implementing and refining eco-friendly and safe farming techniques.

The interview highlighted challenges faced and overcome, particularly in promoting sustainability within Tyson Foods. Bryan detailed his strategic approach, which focuses on educating teams and demonstrating the tangible benefits of sustainable practices, such as cost savings and enhanced corporate responsibility.

A standout moment in the interview was Bryan sharing a success story about overhauling Tyson Foods’ waste management processes, which led to significant reductions in waste output and operational costs, marking a major step forward in the company’s environmental stewardship efforts.

Bryan's advice to young professionals considering a career in environmental health and safety emphasizes the importance of curiosity, continuous learning, and effective communication. These skills are vital for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of EHS and for advocating successfully for sustainable changes in workplace settings.

Looking ahead, Bryan is excited about exploring advanced renewable energy solutions both at Tyson Foods and on his farm, aiming to set a sustainable example for the industry and contribute to a healthier planet.

The interview concluded with Bryan reflecting on the fulfillment he derives from his work, emphasizing the impact of his efforts on ensuring a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world for future generations. This sentiment perfectly captures what success looks like for Bryan Winquist—a safer workplace and a greener planet.

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About Tyson Foods:

Tyson Foods, Inc. is one of the world's largest food companies and a recognized leader in protein. Tyson Foods is continually striving for sustainability and community engagement, with an emphasis on environmental responsibility and enhancing the lives of its employees.

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