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Teradata and Dataiku Strengthen Integration to Deliver AI at Scale

New ClearScape Analytics capabilities give enterprises the ability to accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives with Dataiku models

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) today announced new ClearScape Analytics capabilities which are designed to allow enterprise customers to import and operationalize Dataiku AI models inside the Vantage analytics and data platform. With these new capabilities, Teradata expects to integrate and operationalize Dataiku models at scale. This combination of Dataiku and Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics empowers customers to accelerate digital transformations and deliver AI-led business value.

Many AI projects end up in a proof-of-concept graveyard, thanks to a myriad of challenges that prevent organizations from realizing ROI from their AI investments. All enterprises that work with data for AI/ML need to prepare, train, and deploy their AI models. But data scientists are spending almost 80% of their AI project time simply preparing the data, driving an approximate five-month lag time in deploying AI models into production. “On average, 54% of AI projects make it from pilot to production”, according to Gartner®, Inc., “Gartner Survey Reveals 80% of Executives Think Automation Can Be Applied to Any Business Decision,” August 22, 2022. This leads to a wide range of businesses struggling to realize their AI promise.

The collaboration between Teradata and Dataiku intends to solve these challenges with an all-in-one solution that enables users, of any skillset, to prepare, train, and operationalize AI models at scale. Using Dataiku’s intuitive front-end user-interface and no-code functionality with Teradata Vantage’s advanced analytics capabilities, ClearScape Analytics, customers are enabled to put more AI models into production, faster, and to rapidly scale the usage of those models across an organization.

“AI is no longer optional for businesses that want to compete – and win – in today’s marketplace,” said Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata. “To get ahead of the pack, businesses need AI partners that are knowledgeable, reliable and trusted throughout the entire AI lifecycle. Teradata’s long-standing relationship with Dataiku provides that support, from start to finish. Whether users are data scientists or non-technical, our continued alignment gives everybody the power to develop an AI model with speed and scalability – all in one place.”

With Teradata Vantage, ClearScape Analytics, and Dataiku, more users will have access to advanced analytics through a single unified platform - accelerating innovation and allowing for AI operationalization at scale. The most influential new features to this integration include:

  • Push Down from Dataiku to Teradata Vantage: Dataiku's easy-to-use interface can generate SQL queries that get pushed down to Teradata Vantage to be run at a faster speed and with more scalability.

  • Teradata Plugin for Dataiku: The Teradata Plugin for Dataiku provides “visual recipes” for executing the following ClearScape Analytics capabilities at scale on the Vantage platform:
    1. ClearScape Analytics In-Database Functions: The latest plugin supports all of ClearScape Analytics’ descriptive analytics, data cleansing, feature engineering, machine learning, time series and digital signal processing functions that are built natively into the analytics database. The recipe provides no-code interfaces allowing ClearScape Analytics functionality to be leveraged within any Dataiku workflow.
    2. BYOM (Bring Your Own Model): Vantage users can now import AI models developed in Dataiku natively, directly into Vantage. This capability streamlines the work required to deploy Dataiku models in Vantage, allowing easy operationalization of Dataiku models at scale. This recipe also provides no-code interfaces for scoring PMML and ONNX formatted models.
    3. In-Database Scripting: ClearScape Analytics has been supporting the native execution of R and Python scripts within Vantage for quite some time. With this easy-to-use interface in Dataiku, data scientists who prefer coding can easily push their R and Python scripts to Vantage for processing, at scale, in parallel.

“Our collaboration with Teradata brings increased value to organizations across industries by enabling them to quickly build and operationalize their AI initiatives in order to achieve their digital transformation goals,” said Abhijit Madhugiri, VP, Global Technology Alliances at Dataiku. “Dataiku’s incredibly intuitive user interface, combined with Teradata’s analytics and data processing capabilities, will help organizations transform their businesses and unlock the full potential of AI at scale.”

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Teradata Vantage and ClearScape Analytics’ new capabilities with Dataiku are available today, worldwide.

Begin your journey with Teradata and Dataiku with a 14-Day Free Trial.

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