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Babylon Announces Integrated Digital-First Chronic Condition Programs Offering Personalized Evidence-Based Care Within Single Interface

  • Chronic conditions include diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, low back pain, and prenatal care
  • Babylon’s technology will collect and analyze data to monitor patients in real-time
  • Personalized care teams will tailor evidence-based programs for each member
  • Care is integrated into Babylon’s single platform for a seamless experience for both providers and members

Babylon (NYSE: BBLN), a global digital healthcare company, announced today personalized, digital-first programs for high-risk members living with chronic conditions. The care pathways were developed hand-in-hand by Babylon's expert technologists and primary care teams for a true end-to-end value-based care system. The programs are offered as part of Babylon’s integrated primary care model that collects and analyzes data to monitor members in real time as they manage many conditions.

Conditions in the program include: diabetes, hypertension, low back pain, prenatal care, anxiety, and depression programs. Babylon’s technology will collect and analyze members’ data allowing providers to monitor and intervene sooner. Multidisciplinary care teams will support members in managing chronic conditions and deliver high-quality, evidence-based care to members.

“A digital-first chronic condition program may improve patient health and decrease the rate of acute events and associated hospitalizations. At Babylon, we have worked hard to bring personalized, evidence-based care for a number of conditions together under a single interface to the patient,” said Dr. Darshak Sanghavi, Global Chief Medical Officer at Babylon. “We think hard about our patients and want them to have a way to receive regular health education, monitor symptoms and seek advice, and get the right care that goes beyond just the meeting with their clinician. We are providing evidence-based programs for how to do that and giving patients access to tools that will provide an engaging and enjoyable way to better engage in their own health.”

For example, in Babylon’s prenatal care, the program engages pregnant women with regular touchpoints and digital tools on a week-by-week journey to assist with prevention and care during pregnancy. There are more than two million women of child-bearing age living in maternity deserts, and the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate among developed countries - roughly four out of five pregnancy related deaths are preventable. Babylon is delivering side-by-side digital and clinical services including both pregnancy education, actionable to-do’s, mental wellbeing screening and more through our integrated digital care journey.

“It’s so important that we offer a service to women who are pregnant or shortly after birth and engage with these women,” Dr. Kimya Tarr, Senior Digital Health Manager at Babylon. “If we are able to break down barriers to care and help the mother get the care she needs, it's more likely the baby will be healthy, and we will have reduced the cost for the mother and the newborn.”

In Babylon’s diabetes journey, the care team supports the patient to create a personalized care plan based on the patient’s assessment. The structured journey includes in-app digital content and three planned virtual touchpoints to track progress, and may be expanded to additional touchpoints based on the needs of the patient. The care team ensures the patient is up to date on all recommended screenings, immunizations, and labs; and any abnormalities are evaluated with the support of the primary care provider. Care goals are adjusted as needed. This model is based on the American Diabetes Association recommendation to provide Diabetes Self Management Education and Support, which empowers patients to implement and sustain self-management of their condition. Participation in DSMES has been shown to lower blood sugar measurements as much as any medication, lower the risk of complications and improve health outcomes. Diabetes affects more than 30 million U.S. adults and children (>11% of the population), and only about 1 million people receive DSMES services annually.

“We’re providing populations living with diabetes in rural areas with the tools to self-monitor, support to access preventive screenings and immunizations and access to 24/7 primary care through our digital platform,” said Dr. Amber Featherstone, Digital Health Principal at Babylon. “Through implementing the DSMES program, we are employing an underutilized resource to improve patient outcomes and cut the costs of care.”

All chronic condition management programs are available to B360 members with additional programs planned for the future.

About Babylon

At Babylon, our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for every person on Earth. To this end we are building an integrated digital first primary care service that can manage population health at scale. Founded in 2013, we are reengineering how people engage with their care at every step of the healthcare continuum. Today, Babylon’s technology and clinical services support a global patient network across 15 countries, and our digital healthcare platform is capable of operating in 16 languages. Babylon is also working with governments, health providers, employers and insurers across the globe to provide them with a new digital-first platform that any partner can use to deliver high-quality healthcare with lower costs and better outcomes. For more information, please visit


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