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Teradata and Vcinity Join Forces to Help Companies Leverage Globally Diverse and Dispersed Data for Business Insight

The combined solution provides increased speed, performance, and deployment flexibility across distances, lowering costs by reducing data management expenses and increasing efficiency

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) and Vcinity today announced an alliance that lowers the barrier for connecting data over long network distances in cloud, hybrid or on-prem environments. Using the industry-leading Teradata VantageCloud offering with Vcinity’s technology, organizations can more easily connect and leverage data that is slow to access or is physically very far away. The joint solution extends Teradata’s built-in capabilities to deliver increased query speed and performance, which makes it easier for widely dispersed companies to create a single, globally available dataset to use for operational efficiency and business continuity. Together, Teradata and Vcinity can help the world’s leading global companies gain insight from their data, no matter where it is, at the speed required in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

The world’s largest enterprises have no shortage of data, but many struggle with persistent data silos. That’s because in many countries where they operate, strict regulatory and compliance rules exist about how certain types of data can or cannot be stored and moved, even in the cloud. Add to this complication the fact that some of this data is required to be, or simply preferred to be, stored on-prem for the long term, and the result is major multi-national organizations using hybrid systems to connect their data and query it from halfway across the globe. For companies in these situations, query speed and performance can be significant obstacles to fully leveraging their data for business insight – even for the most powerful systems. By adding Vcinity technology to the built-in capabilities in the Teradata Vantage platforms, sensitive datasets that remain on-premises can be queried and processed from the cloud even faster. Or, shared datasets in the cloud can be queried by on-premises Teradata systems, all with no performance impact compared to WAN performance.

“At Teradata, we work with a substantial number of the world’s largest companies that often have requirements for data to be kept in a particular country, and many operate within a hybrid environment,” said Lisa Stewart, Senior VP of Global Partner & Alliances at Teradata. “For the best insights, all of these data sources should be included in everyday, mission-critical analytics, but long-distance or multi-platform queries don’t always move at the speed of business. Organizations struggling with the challenge of multi-faceted regulations in geographically diverse environments can now add Vcinity to their Teradata ecosystem to augment speed and processing – allowing for an optimal, local-like application performance without moving any data.”

The joint solution can lower costs for globally dispersed companies because they can now more rapidly access the data-in-place anywhere in the enterprise, especially in hybrid environments. This reduces the management overhead of moving/copying data to local storage systems, as well as the costs and challenges of data governance and data lineage – a frequent side effect of data movement.

“Teradata is an ideal partner for Vcinity,” said Harry Carr, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. “Our solution is most impactful with complex, broad, and physically separated ecosystems, and the Teradata customer base is full of these multi-national organizations that already rely on Teradata to get the most performance and value out of their system. We are looking forward to working with many of them as we, together with Teradata, lay the foundation to improve speed, performance, and flexibility across globally diverse datasets.”

Key features of the joint solution include:

  • Instant access to non-local data: With Vcinity, Teradata customers will find better functionality and performance across multi-location, multi-cloud and hybrid environments by allowing applications to operate on local, adjacent, and remote data. This means processing can begin immediately after the first byte arrives in the Teradata cluster—enhancing application performance and accelerating time to value.
  • Further extend Teradata functionality to sensitive datasets: High-performance analytic applications may seek to leverage sensitive or otherwise locked data that must stay in a certain location, due to security, compliance, or other requirements. Vcinity helps Teradata address data sovereignty requirements by further enabling customers to access data quicker, without moving it—as well as giving customers with highly sensitive data the ability to take advantage of Teradata in the cloud while keeping the data stored locally.
  • Faster data movement – if required: There are times organizations will move their data, but usually, they must do it while the applications continue to operate without downtime. If bandwidth is being used for production, attempting to move large datasets becomes a slow, complex set of processes. With Vcinity and Teradata, customers can federate primary and sub-clusters for immediate availability of otherwise-isolated query results, making overall data migration faster.
  • Fast-as-local backups: Large datasets test the limits of existing data movement solutions. Vcinity maintains ~90 percent of available bandwidth for continuous data throughput across any distance, enabling offsite replication to operate at unprecedented speeds, providing relief to the 24-hour back-up window and achieving an aggressive Recovery Point Objective (RPO). In addition, predictable performance across any distance provides greater flexibility to select backup locations based on cost optimization versus location (and ability to meet SLAs).

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About Vcinity, Inc.

Vcinity increases the agility and velocity of digital transformation for enterprises by enabling applications to instantly access and operate on data regardless of where it exists. The company’s solutions eliminate the necessity to move, copy, or cache data near compute. Applications process data at the point and time of creation with LAN performance. To find out more about Vcinity, visit or check out the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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