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Cytta's IGAN Engine provides AI Solutions with Unique and Powerful Data Delivery Mechanism

Cytta IGAN in integration discussions with Multiple AI platforms

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2023 / Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA), announced that Cytta's IGAN AIMS (Actionable Information Management System) multisource data streaming capability is in discussions to integrate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features to analyze critical real-time data, such as video feeds, images, chat, files, messages, location maps and media. These features will allow the combined IGAN/AI technologies to analyze, draw inferences, and provide intelligent decision insights across data from all sources connected through IGAN. The pairing of IGAN and AI systems will delineate multiple new and additional markets for our IGAN Engine.

Integrating AI partners into Cytta Corp's Incident Global Area Network (IGAN) software will offer game-changing benefits to the first responder, security, schools and law enforcement community. One significant advantage is improved situational awareness. AI-powered algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources, such as surveillance cameras, drones, and other sensors, and provide real-time insights that can help IGAN equipped law enforcement make better decisions in high-pressure situations. AI can analyze video feeds and alert police and SWAT teams about potential threats, suspicious activities, or hidden dangers, allowing them to respond proactively and minimize the risk of harm.

"Delivering real-time video and audio inputs through the IGAN Engine to AI technology for immediate analysis and response will be a powerful tool in providing AI power to first responders in critical situations. While the power of AI is becoming well know, the serious bottleneck has been getting the data to analyze in real-time. IGAN is the perfect communications mechanism to deliver the data to the AI and instantly provide the actionable results to those whose lives may be at stake. IGAN's core multi source functionality pairs seamlessly with all new advanced AI systems to analyze, draw inferences, and provide intelligent decision insights where they are needed most," said VP Sales John Bristol.

Another benefit of integrating AI into our IGAN software is enhanced response time. When responding to critical incidents such as active shooter situations, hostage crises, or terrorist attacks, every second counts, and AI can help law enforcement arrive at the scene faster and be better prepared. AI-powered routing algorithms can identify the fastest and safest route for IGAN equipped first responders, enabling first responder teams make informed decisions and stay safe while performing their duties.

By harnessing the power of AI through the IGAN AIMS system, first responders can work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately saving more lives and protecting more people in times of crisis.

Please contact Cytta or our Sales team for a live demonstration of the IGAN AIMS technology for your department or organization. Mr. Bristol is available directly either by phone (612) 328-6511 (please leave a message) or by email at Learn more at

About Cytta Corp

Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA): has created video/audio integration software with AI connection capability, advanced video compression, and portable/SaaS hardware/software systems that solve real-world problems in large markets. Cytta's IGAN AIMS (Actionable Information Management System) online dashboard integrates all video and audio streams, enabling collaborative interactivity while providing relevant, actionable information on an ongoing basis.

The IGAN Engine is a cloud based SAAS communication network providing a multifunctional tool for sharing real-time video, video/voice calls and chat interaction. The interactive desktop/mobile user interface provides quick visual reference and multiparty collaboration with streaming video, location maps, messages, and communications (video/voice/text). The IGAN Engine collaborative video, voice, chat and media integration tool makes it easy to share and store critical real time data, such as video feeds, images, chat, files, messages, location maps and media. IGAN's complete encrypted cloud accessibility allows access as a web application for desktop and mobile devices, or with native iOS and Android mobile apps, all with end-to-end encryption for all users.

The IGAN AIMS is a practical, valuable, and irreplaceable tool for police, firefighters, first responders, emergency medical workers, industry, environmental and emergencies, security, military, and their command centers in a crisis. It also allows venues such as schools, malls, event venues, and religious locations to be connected and monitor their situation, as well as immediately make their data directly available to law enforcement during emergencies.

For more information, please visit and the Corporate Cytta Video Channel on YouTube to view Cytta's recent corporate discussion videos. Learn more at

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Cytta Corp
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Gary Campbell, CEO
Direct (702) 900-7022 (or message)

Natalia Sokolova, COO
Direct: (424) 333-0595 (or message)

John Bristol VP, Sales
Direct (612) 328-6511 (please leave a message)

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