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Cytta Launches Mental Health Advisory Network Pilot Program

Groundbreaking Advancement in Community Policing

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2022 / Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA, the "Company") is pleased to report that it is formally launching its Mental Health Advisory Network (MHAN) pilot program, to utilize its Incident Global Area Network (IGAN) technology to aid officers in the field, when dealing with situations where mental illness and emotional distress is involved.

The IGAN technology has the unique ability to allow a remote observer to participate visually and audially with the officer on the scene in real time. This will allow, for the first time, a mental health worker to be digitally "present" on the scene, with the responding officer, while being safe in the process. We believe the MHAN module for IGAN will add a valuable tool to protect both officers in the field and citizens.

Lieutenant Clay Regan of the Midlothian Police Department said, "Law enforcement officers' ultimate responsibility is to protect and serve the communities they are assigned to, while making sure everyone involved is safe in the process. In recent years those in law enforcement have been tasked with additional duties they are not always fully trained to handle. Responding to those with mental and emotional crises, and those with developmental issues, are on the top of the list. It has never been more important to be innovative in our response in these situations." Lieutenant Regan further stated, "In working with Cytta's IGAN, I have come to believe part of the solution to the issue is the enhanced response capability through IGAN's technical advancement supplied by their Mental Health Area Network (MHAN) module and the Officer Enhancement Package (OEP) module, both powered by Cytta's IGAN technology."

Current public safety thinking has evolved to the point where collaborative partnerships are being suggested to best resolve incidences involving mental health. Many agencies have adopted a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model, which stresses the importance of a partnership between law enforcement personnel and mental health professionals. We believe that Cytta's IGAN MHAN module, allowing for the active real-time participation of a mental health expert to assist officers, will become a valuable new tool for empowering the CIT model.

Gary Campbell Cytta Corp CEO stated, "Our Mental Health Area Network (MHAN) IGAN moduleuses cutting edge technology to rapidly connect officers in the field with off-site mental health professionals. These mental health professionals will then directly assist the officer in the de-escalation or successful resolution of traumatic scenarios. IGAN's unique realtime communication capabilities create the opportunity for these Mental Health Workers to virtually support the Officer, and the distressed individual, without the Mental Health worker being physically present." Mr. Campbell further stated, "Cytta's MHAN program protects, Officers, Mental Health workers and most importantly those suffering from mental illness or emotional distress. This process lends accountability and transparency to community policing efforts. I am very pleased and proud for Cytta to be part of developing a system that protects and aids both first responders and individuals suffering with mental illness or emotional distress"

Cytta's MHAN program is designed to ensure that Police Departments have the access necessary to support the officers in the field, while allowing for them to receive real-time participation from a mental health worker. Our MHAN system is officer controlled and utilizes the officer's video and audio resources (bodycam or other resources) to allow realtime communication and participation by the Mental Health worker.

Police officers often come in contact with individuals with mental disorders. Departments located within U.S. cities featuring populations of greater than 100,000 reported that approximately 7 percent of officer interactions involved persons with mental illness. Schizophrenia, hallucinations, delusions, major depression, panic, and bipolar disorder represent some of the conditions that police officers likely will encounter in the field. Mental health specialists who can provide a continuum of care to people in need (persons in distress, victims and offenders experiencing mental illness) can offer rapid response support to officers who are the first responders on the scene.

About Us

Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA) develops and distributes proprietary software technology that is designed to shift how video is streamed, consumed, transferred, and stored. Our proprietary Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) technology is built around SUPR, a potent software codec globally, which is the technology at the core of our products. SUPR is explicitly designed for streaming HD, 4K, and higher resolution video while reducing required technical resources.

Cytta's IGAN Incident Command System (ICS) system streams and integrates many available video and audio sources during emergencies, enabling improved virtual policing. The IGAN ICS introduces real-time video and audio situational awareness, which Cytta believes is useful and valuable for police, firefighters, first responders, emergency medical workers, industry, environmental and emergencies, security, military, and their command centers in an emergency.

Cytta has created advanced video compression, video/audio collaboration software, and portable hardware systems that solve real world problems in large markets. Cytta wants its products to enable and empower the world to consume higher quality video anywhere, anytime. Cytta's ultimate goal is to deliver such high-quality video that is not discernible from reality with the naked eye, creating ‘Reality Delivered' for the metaverse.

For more information, please visit and the Cytta Video Channel on YouTube to view Cytta's vision, products, competitive advantages, marketplace, new product utilization, and markets.


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