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Woliba: The New Face of Training Amigo

Training Amigo becomes Woliba. The program brings your employees together for wellbeing, recognition, and engagement, creating a work-life balance. Employees thrive when they are respected and appreciated. Woliba can help foster that environment. Learn more at


New York, NY, August 17, 2020- Training Amigo is now known as Woliba, as in WOrk-LIfe BAlance.

Serving companies globally across multiple industries including health care, technology, insurance, finance, hospitality, and government.

“We are ‘The Trailblazers of Wellness and Engagement’. Our platform is easy, measurable, social, rewarding, and downright effective,” says Woliba spokesperson. “We’ve designed Woliba to not only boost company efficiency and culture, but we’ve also designed it to hold ourselves accountable. You can monitor the data by the minute and ensure you’re getting the results you pay for. We believe in full transparency.”

Move over, social media platforms because Woliba is a work platform that brings employees closer together while promoting health and wellness. The platform has a feed to keep up to date with the latest work news and co-workers’ success stories.

“The work-life balance program cultivates self-propelled, motivated employees without a headache. Woliba is your all-in-one wellbeing, recognition, and engagement hub,” says a spokesperson for Woliba. “Unite your people on a robust web portal and mobile application. Compile your employee directory with personalized profiles. Create work events with the click of a button.”

Improve corporate wellness and the overall health and fitness of your employees.

Use Woliba to recognize and reward your employees for their good work. Showcase it on the app for every employee to see. This will show other employees what quality of work they should be aiming for. The platform allows for simple peer-to-peer recognition.

“We understand every company has a unique approach to rewards and recognition, so it’s tailored towards your goals and budget!” says a Woliba spokesperson.

Encourage employee engagement with an activity challenge amongst colleagues.  Easily launch friendly competitions with the click of a button. Help your employees to spark conversation amongst each other and build camaraderie.

At Woliba, they believe that employees thrive when they are brought together. Woliba’s core values consist of:

  • treating everyone like an amigo
  • being mindful of health and wellbeing
  • being passionate and determined at work
  • being adventurous, creative, and open-minded
  • pursuing growth and learning
  • doing more with less

Customers have rated them an average of 4.8 on a scale of 5. They think the platform is simple and easy to use. They enjoy that the app focuses on mental health in addition to physical health. It integrates easily with other apps, like Apple Watch, Calendar, and FitBit.

With Woliba, you can expect to see all of your employees living their best lives in no time at all. Learn more at

About Woliba: Woliba’s mission is to help create a culture of wellbeing so employees can thrive. By making work less stressful and teams more connected, Woliba is reimagining engagement, recognition, and wellness for companies.

Contact Information:

Nathan Figg
787 Eleventh Ave, 6th floor
New York, New York 10019
(917) 587-1389

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