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The Artistry of Manhattan: A Makeup Artists Perspective

The Artistry of Manhattan: A Makeup Artists PerspectivePhoto from Unsplash

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Amanda Gabbard, the renowned celebrity makeup artist based in NYC, has garnered an impressive roster of clients, including notable figures such as Al Pacino, Brooke Shields, and Kamala Harris. What sets Amanda apart in her field is not just her exceptional artistry, but also her unwavering dedication to connecting with her clients, earning their trust, and actively listening to their needs. For Amanda, the energy she brings into the room and the careful preparation she undertakes with each client are just as vital as her technical skills.

With a versatile skill set, Amanda seamlessly transitions between various makeup domains, from red carpet glamour to bridal beauty, teaching makeup and skincare lessons, working in TV and film, and contributing to the world of fashion. Her ability to adapt to different contexts and cater to diverse client needs speaks volumes about her expertise and versatility.

Amanda’s work has been recognized and featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Bride’s Magazine, and The Huffington Post, solidifying her status as a trusted authority in the beauty industry. Her services are not confined to the bustling streets of New York City; she is also available for hire in Connecticut and globally. Amanda’s makeup artistry has taken her to breathtaking destinations like Scotland, the Bahamas, England, Peru, and Italy, demonstrating her international appeal and the universal demand for her skills.

More than simply applying makeup, Amanda sees her work as a means of giving the gift of confidence to her clients, helping women look and feel their very best. She strives to enhance their natural beauty and empower them to embrace their unique features. Rather than creating a completely new persona, Amanda’s goal is to make her clients look like the best version of themselves, emphasizing authenticity and individuality.

Communication plays a pivotal role in Amanda’s approach to makeup artistry. She understands that each client has their own vision and preferences, and she places great importance on pinpointing the desired look through open dialogue and attentive listening. Amanda’s ability to put women at ease, address their concerns, and provide expert guidance fosters a collaborative and positive experience for her clients.

What truly sets Amanda apart, besides her exceptional skills, is her sense of humor and warmth. She often jokes about inheriting her parents’ profession as psychiatrists, suggesting that she too possesses the ability to understand and connect with people on a deeper level—albeit with a makeup brush in hand. This lighthearted approach creates a relaxed atmosphere during makeup sessions and further strengthens the bond between Amanda and her clients.

In conclusion, Amanda Gabbard’s success as a celebrity makeup artist stems not only from her technical prowess but also from her genuine passion for connecting with her clients, understanding their needs, and enhancing their confidence. Her ability to adapt to different environments, her global reach, and her commitment to authenticity and communication make her a true standout in the beauty industry.


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