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Tagtal Labs Receives $3 Million Angel Investment from Emgen Capital to Advance HyperAGI

Tagtal Labs is excited to announce a significant milestone in its journey towards advancing artificial general intelligence (AGI) with the receipt of a three million dollar angel investment from Emgen Capital. This investment is dedicated to supporting the development of HyperAGI, an innovative AGI solution built on the Bitcoin network. HyperAGI is designed to focus on decentralized AGI applications, aiming to foster an autonomous cryptocurrency economy and ultimately establish Unconditional Basic Agent Income (UBAI).

The HyperAGI project is a comprehensive initiative encompassing a full stack of decentralized AGI technologies. This includes GPU DePIN, AI microservices, a peer-to-peer 3D AI Gym space, and an agent framework. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, HyperAGI is set to revolutionize the way decentralized AGI applications are developed and deployed.

With decades of commitment to evolvable artificial neural software, Tagtal Labs has achieved significant breakthroughs in recent years in the fields of Aspect-Oriented Artificial Intelligence (AOAI) and decentralized GPU infrastructure utilizing Proof of Useful Work. AOAI is an innovative approach where neurons in artificial neural networks are modeled as aspects rather than objects, resulting in highly adaptive and flexible neural network architectures. This paradigm shift enhances the ability of neural networks to self-evolve, a core capability for AGI.

The combination of AOAI’s dynamic and adaptive architecture with the high performance of traditional deep neural networks, such as transformers, positions AOAI as the cornerstone of AGI development. By leveraging the flexibility and modularity of AOAI, Tagtal Labs is pushing the boundaries of AGI, driving innovation in decentralized AI applications, and promoting a more autonomous and efficient cryptocurrency economy.

This investment from Emgen Capital marks a pivotal moment for Tagtal Labs, enabling the company to accelerate the development of HyperAGI and bring us closer to realizing the full potential of AGI.

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