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Safeguarding Teenagers’ Eye Health HAOSHILI Benefits More Children with Myopia

HAOSHILI, established in December 2007, is an eye care brand dedicated to the visual health of teenagers. The company is headquartered in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai, and stands alongside 37 Fortune 500 companies in the research and development hub.

As population demographics and lifestyles change, eye-related health issues are becoming increasingly common. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its first-ever World Vision Report in Geneva. The report reveals that the global number of people with visual impairments or blindness exceeds 2.2 billion, with at least 1 billion of them suffering from preventable or untreated vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. This is primarily due to a severe shortage of qualified optometrists and a lack of professional eye care institutions. The establishment and development of HAOSHILI Optical Center aims to fill this gap. As a professional eye care institution, HAOSHILI provides comprehensive eye care services and professional vision management for children and teenagers, including eyeglasses fitting, vision reexamination, daily eye care, eye nutrition, and visual exercises. This emerging eye care model has gained popularity among parents and children. To date, HAOSHILI Vision Center has established over 1,000 chain stores across more than 30 provinces and hundreds of cities in China.

Leading with Eye Care for Public Welfare, Bearing the Mission of Cultural Exchange between East and West.

Since its establishment, HAOSHILI brand has been actively engaged in public eye care activities. In 2013, the company was officially recognized as the implementing unit for the Student Vision Health Guidance Program under the China School Health Action, approved by the Health and Physical Education Development Center of the Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation in China. In 2018, HAOSHILI was approved as a participating organization in the national “Campus Love Your Eyes Class” campaign. Through these initiatives, the company has been able to establish vision records for students, raise awareness about eye care, and assist teenagers in protecting their vision.

Every year on Love Your Eyes Day, HAOSHILI conducts activities in schools and communities to educate students and parents about eye care, distribute eye care products, and spread eye care knowledge. These efforts have received unanimous praise from various sectors of society. HAOSHILI is dedicated to promoting the importance of eye health and contributing to the well-being of students and the integration of knowledge about eye care in the community.

On the other hand, HAOSHILI actively promotes Chinese traditional culture. Since 2019, it has been the title sponsor of the TV program “Heritage of Chinese Culture” on China Education Television. With a total of four seasons aired to date, the program has played an active role in promoting cultural exchange and integration between China and the West. Notably, the second season of  “Heritage of Chinese Culture” stood out at the 18th China-US Film Festival/China-US TV Festival and won the “Power of Chinese Culture Communication Award”!

Deeply Cultivating Quality: HAOSHILI Makes Appearance on NASDAQ Big Screen in the United States.

As of now, HAOSHILI brand holds trademarks in both China and the United States. The HAOSHILI Smart Star Microhole Defocus Mirror has obtained patents in both countries. Additionally, HAOSHILI has obtained multiple utility model patent certificates for eyeglasses such as the HAOSHILI Smart Treasure Multi-point Compound Defocus Mirror, HAOSHILI Intelligent Zoom Mirror, and HAOSHILI Peripheral Defocus Mirror.

With a focus on quality, HAOSHILI meticulously manufactures every pair of eyeglasses. Each pair is custom-made at the headquarters in Shanghai and produced using an intelligent production line at the manufacturing facility. The production process spans 7 days and involves advanced equipment and instruments to ensure precision and cater to individual differences. Skilled craftsmen, like artists sculpting a masterpiece, meticulously refine each lens.

The reputation of HAOSHILI is built upon its commitment to superior quality, earning the brand positive word-of-mouth. In both 2018 and 2024, HAOSHILI had the honor of showcasing its brand image on the NASDAQ big screen in New York City’s Times Square, demonstrating the brand’s global recognition with the slogan “HAOSHILI,  CARE AND PROTECTION OF YOUR EYES.”

lluminating a Bright Vision: HAOSHILI Soars with Dreams.

“Just as fish leap in the vast sea, and birds fly freely in the sky.” In the future, HAOSHILI will continue to uphold its brand mission of “dedicating efforts to children’s vision.” HAOSHILI will continue to collaborate with various sectors, introducing more advanced technologies and products in the field of optometry, and accelerate the construction of vision centers. Our aim is to benefit more children and provide them with a bright future.

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