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GreenLivingshk’s Wooden Hanger Reduces Waste in the Environment by More Than 90%

GreenLivingshk's Wooden Hanger Reduces Waste in the Environment by More Than 90%
wooden hangers in bulk

GreenLivingshk announces that its wooden hanger and other eco-friendly products helps to reduce waste in the environment by over 90%. GreenLivingshk is a wholesale supplier of wooden hangers in bulk based in China and Singapore. The company designed and produced sustainable products for a better environment.

Sustainable products are those that have a minimal negative impact on the environment, are built to last, and can be repaired or recycled when they break. Many people think that sustainable products are more expensive than their counterparts, but when it comes to wooden hangers, this is not the case. There are many reasons why wooden hangers are a better option than plastic ones.

Wooden hangers have been used for centuries because of their natural durability, and they do not release any harmful chemicals into the earth. A Wooden hanger for pants will last much longer than other types of hangers, and they are also biodegradable over time. They are available in both unfinished and finished varieties. Unfinished hangers can be stained or painted in whatever color, whereas finished wooden hangers can be stained but not painted. There is no need to use toxic paints to color your wood; simply add a coat of polyurethane for protection and beauty.

“Wooden hangers are made of wood. Some wood materials, such as solid wood, wooden plywood, MDF, and other wood products, will be broken down by fungi, decomposed by bacteria, and eventually turned into soil in a very short time. These wooden hangers are more environmentally friendly than plastic hangers because they are biodegradable. Wooden hangers are also chemical-free, so they are safer for you and your clothes, it also has no bad odor after being used for a long time, and they can prevent clothes from molding.” Said a representative for GreenLivingshk.

Wooden hangers are essentially maintenance-free. If properly installed and maintained, you will never need to repaint or replace them; even if the wood does crack or splinter over time, it can easily be repaired with wood filler or an appropriate glue. If a wood screw needs tightening, simply use a screwdriver to tighten it.

When it comes to wooden hangers versus plastic hangers, one significant difference is production cost. Plastic hangers require a lot of oil to produce the plastic that makes up their base, which means they are not sustainable in the long run. Wooden hangers, on the other hand, can be easily produced from wood scraps. They require less energy to produce than plastic hangers and therefore create less pollution.

GreenLivingshk is the best marketplace for wooden coat hanger in China because they are the only company that strictly selects suppliers and manufacturers of wooden hangers who can meet their high standards and requirements. They have 30 years of experience in this field and have a worldwide representative in the US, Europe, and Latin America. For more information about GreenLivingSHK's wooden hangers, please visit

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